STORY  |  "God created the great sea monsters..." Gen 1:21


In 2004, Japanese scientists took the first photos of a living Architeuthis - the giant squid.  Soon after, startling evidence of an even larger squid is discovered and dubbed the Colossal Squid.  These scientific breakthroughs are the precursors of something sinister. 

Soon after...a red tide washes across the globe.  Inordinate numbers of sperm whales beach themselves.  The remains of rare deep water fish and unknown species sprawl out onto the sands.  Many fish are 3 to 4 times larger than usual.  Mixed in with the decay is a dark sticky film and strange markings on the carcasses. 

Suddenly ships are reported to be lost at sea.  Brave and foolhardy men go out in search for answers.  Many disappear and the few who return tell stories of giant shadows under the surface.   A military vessel limps back to port with the carcass of a once extinct shark...a Megalodon. The fears of the ignorant are relieved.  Then...terror strikes the business world as several oil rigs are struck by "rogue waves" simultaneously.  

All eyes turn to an unprecedented gathering of renowned scientists, military, and the wealthy.  Amidst the arguments and paranoia, a pale old man enters and scuttles to the podium.  He places tattered photos on the projector. The room gasps, then becomes silent.  As they stare at images only seen in nightmares,  the old man says, "This is the creature responsible for the destruction...and I how to stop it." be continued.