Invaders From Space 
Mechabot hurdles back in time, to the 80s, to fight the retro aliens in this classic.  Stop them before they land!

Mechabot vs. Mushibloto 
Animated flash cartoon short. This animated short started it all!  See Mushibloto terrorize the city!

Mushibloto's Tic Tac Toe of Doom!
This Stargoyle is trying to trick you!  See if you can beat him, but watch out...HE CHEATS!

Mechabot 2 Min Spot
A live action montage of Mechabot fighting his enemies! Features "Techno-Mecha", the Mechabot techno theme song. This is both spots in a  version.  See the Mechabot fight the monster Buruu!  High Res, Window Media Format.

This faced paced game tests your memory and click speed.  You have a split second to take a peek and match the monsters.!