Enter the world of MECHABOT: A Hero Reforged!

Mechabot is timeless good versus evil, slick retro designs, hyper action, jaw dropping cliffhangers, powerful new music, clever story telling and surprises around each corner. In the same way as the Blade series, Mechabot is an amalgam of anime styles, horror, and hyper action.  Mechabot property seeks to pay homage to the creators, myths & well-known icons of Sci-Fi & monster movies, while at the same time catapulting these themes forward for the next generation. It is a new amped up vision on the classic formulas, accessible to younger viewers while evoking nostalgia for older fans. Here is what people are saying about Mechabot and Go Hero!

"It's the authentic-feeling Japanese robot concept funneled through Forde's uniquely Western perspective that makes Mechabot a toy property to watch" - New Type Magazine

"It's got all the earmarks of a winner" - Lee's Toy Review

"Go Hero toys and Steve Forde have brought us an incredible Vinyl Robot: Mechabot- A Hero Reforged...This is an awesome piece of robot art..." - Robot Japan

"MECHABOT has old-school giant-robot cool to spare!...Go Hero have conjured an instantly iconic design..." - Crown Dozen

"10/10...attitude and a unique design...Go Hero has really hit a home run with their first release! 2004 Toy of the Year!" - Toy Toons / Action Online

...not only is Mechabot a great looking robot, but it has a story & concept as has a depth that you do not get with a lot of other toys and heroes. That is why we decided to make our own special edition Mechabot, and we couldn't have been happier. Go Hero! - Super7 Magazine

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