Buck Rogers Board Games  New board games and a chess set are in development. Based on the 20s - 30s style of Buck Rogers. "Modar's Gauntlet" is available now! 

Retro A Go Go is developing beautiful high-end Belt Buckles, Key Chains, Card Cases, Embroidered Patches and more!

ZICA Toys is excited to announce all new, highly articulated 1/9th scale line of action figures based on the fantastic television movie and series, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. 

Dynamic Forces has launched a brand new comic book vision of Buck Rogers! 

Cawley Entertainment Company and Retro Film Studios announces an Internet Series For Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. 

Go Hero has brought back a full scale, sparking-popping replica of the 1930s Atomic Disintegrator, originally released by Daisy. 

Go Hero has won awards for the 1:6 Scale figure collection the original iconic designs from the 1920 and 30s. Flint Dille wrote, “When Steve Forde showed me the Go Hero collectable figures he was developing, I was amazed! They’re great. They set the benchmark for the quality we want with all of the Buck Rogers products we’ll be releasing.”  

ReelArt Studios is creating a 50’s style statue.  

Hermes Press will be releasing every Buck Rogers Daily and Sunday Comic strip in a series of books starting in late 2008. The entire comic strip canon will be available in one pristine quality presentation.