The Buck Rogers legacy continues today with Flint Dille and Lorraine Williams (Dille), the grandchildren of the originator John F. Dille. 

Fans will know Flint (IMDB) from his extensive work on the original Transformers cartoon, GIJOE, (for which the character Flint is named). He is a script writer, film producer, and creator of original properties, as well as making popular film / video game adaptations. SOme of his highlights include Batman Rise of Tsin Su, Transformers Movie, Sin City, Dead to Rights, and The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay for which he won Script of the Year and Story of the Year.

Lorraine owned the company TSR for approximately 10 years. TSR is best known for being the home of the preeminent RPG Dungeons & Dragons.

Together they draw from their extensive experience and their inherited 80 years of sci-fi, comic, and pop culture history to carry on the family business of this international icon.

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