Buck Rogers is a former engineer and accomplished military pilot from the 21st Century who is frozen/preserved in suspended animation and awakens 500 years into the future to a world altered by scientific advances and a nation under siege by alien invasion. Buck quickly encounters Wilma Deering and Dr. Huer and joins Earth's military defense force. Buck's good friend is scientist Dr. Huer, the 1920’s equivalent of James Bond’s Q. Dr. Huer creates and hones the technological wonders that inhabit Buck's world.  Buck is not overwhelmed by the technological wonders of the 25th Century and quickly adapts. He soon proves himself to be an effective warrior and leader, becoming highly respected among his new peers. He has the acting rank of Captain (his rank in the 21st Century). Buck has a commanding charisma. He is a secret operative, an intelligence officer, a fighter pilot and head of the elite 'Rocket Rangers'. Buck is not superhuman. He's an extremely intelligent and brave young man who combats forces of interplanetary evil on a regular basis by utilizing his brain as much as his ability -- relying more on his own skill-set than on 25th Century gadgetry.

Buck is honest, good-humored, and his courage borders on recklessness. He is very self-assured and confident to the point of being cocky about his own abilities. Buck is very patriotic towards America (and Earth) no matter what century it is. Buck has a strong knowledge of military tactics -- but he will always 'stick up for the little guy' regardless of the situation -- often operating as a free agent in the name of oppressed people(s) everywhere. He is always conscious of his duty, but he is a maverick and will overstep his authority and orders to 'do what is right'.
Wilma Deering, his highly respected female companion in adventure adores him. Much to Wilma's dismay, she must compete for Buck's affection with a cadre of other women -- Ardala Valmar, Flame D'Amour, Thavia of Venus, Tiki of Eldonia and the beautiful Doctor Merberec of Uranus among many others.  

But not everyone adores Buck Rogers. The insidious Kane and Ardala (who's infatuated with Buck), hate him and all that he represents with an undying passion. Buck is constantly countering their various schemes to rule Earth and ultimately the Universe.