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MSRP: $249.99 + S&H
Edition Size: 250 Worldwide
Exclusive: GO HERO
Approx. Ship: Q2 2014

‘The Man of Bronze’ - Doc Savage was created by publisher Henry W. Ralston and editor John L. Nanovic at Street and Smith Publications, with additional works by Lester Dent. Doc’s popularity transcended the pulps moving into radio, comic books, and a feature film. Doc has been interpreted by some of the greatest artists. This beloved adventurer is considered to be the model for the ‘super hero’ with his strength, intelligence, speed, physique, and wealth – he even has a ‘Fortress of Solitude’. The name Doc Savage is synonymous with courage, danger, and adventure - remaining a heroic pop-culture icon to this day. 


For the first time ever, Executive Replicas and Go Hero are proud to present the first ever Doc Savage 1:6th scale action figure. Now you can superamalgamate with...


- Silver Age Style Likeness

- Golden Age Style Likeness (DDD Exclusive)


Body - Kaustic Plastik Heroik Muscle Body KP02B:

- 3D Cad Computer Designed

- Over 40 Points of Articulation

- Extraordinarily Lifelike Muscle Definition

- 4 Posing Hands

- Carefully Painted Skin Texture

- Made of Extremely Durable Plastic (PVC & ABS)

- Improved Leg & Ankle Joints for Extra Stability

- Extra Size 31cm

- Figure Comes with 1 Body


Die Cast Weapons:

- 'Super Savage Machine Pistol' by Jim Steranko 

  (w/ Moveable Grip & 2 Detachable Clips)

- Silver Age Style Raygun 

- Golden Age Art Deco Style Raygun 2 (DDD Exclusive)

- German Lugar 



- Leather Belt w/ Buckle

- Leather Holster w/ Buckle

- Leather Boots w/ Zipper 

- Pair of Socks 

- Ripped Shirt (Weathered)

- Un-Ripped Shirt (Weathered) (DDD Exclusive)

- Jodhpurs 


- Stand w/ Printed Logo

- Full Color Packaging w/ Classic Cover Art


- The DDD is ONLY AVAILABLE directly from and will not be offered out wholesale. No one else is authorized to offer this product edition at this time. 

- When placing your order, the system will add $8 for S&H. Please disregard the $8. We will not charge for shipping if you order between now and March 31st, 2013.

- The Golden Age Doc Savage is ONLY AVAILABLE in the DDD and is MADE TO ORDER for a LIMITED TIME. Doc Savage Silver Age Edition may be offered out via our normal distribution methods at a later date. 


- Due to the nature of ‘Made to Order’ production, we will require payment prior to production completion. This marks a change in our previous preorder policies, but is necessary for this production. 


- This product is scheduled for release Q3-Q4 2013. Release date is subject to change. Our priority is to get these products correct over being done quickly. 


- We continually make product improvements during the production process. The final product may vary from the one shown. 


- A Note on Cost: There are multiple factors that determine production costs and thus the MSRP...especially with 1:6 scale products. The entire Doc Savage project is limited to only 1000 pcs, it is doubled licensed, with die-cast parts, PVC (not resin), hand-made clothes, real leather, state of the art muscle body, and produced with reputable sources. We want to state this up front because we want our customers and fellow fans to be accurately informed how to compare this with seemingly comparable products with higher production runs. Rest assured this is the best possible combination of price, quality, & availability for this product. We are honored & proud to continue creating 'first ever' collectibles of these iconic characters for our fellow fans.

Doc Savage is copyright © and a registered trademark of Advance Magazine Publishers Inc. D/b/a Condé Nast. Used with permission. ‘Super Savage Machine Pistol’ by Jim Steranko. Used with permission. 

$249.99 Pre-Order
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